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Quick Look at Victory Tax Lawyers

Company Overview
  • 5 / 5 Star Customer Rating (125 validated customer reviews)
  • Organized Legally as a Law Firm (highly regulated)
  • Free Consultation with Attorney
  • $25,000 Minimum Tax Relief(to help ensure clients don't lose money)
  • New Tax Firm, but Experienced Lawyers
  • Officers a Variety of Tax Relief Services
  • Started in 2017, Victory Tax Lawyers is an accredited law firm based in Los Angeles, specializing in tax litigation, controversy, and resolution. Each of their clients are connected to an actual licensed lawyer, which makes them subject to California State Law Practices. This further ensures their trustworthiness and reliability when it comes to them managing your taxes. Although we’ve only received 125 verified reviews for them, they have earned a notable 5/5 stars from 99% of surveyed customers.

    Are Victory Tax Lawyer services available across the country? VTL is able to work in all 50 states.
    Is Victory Tax Lawyers a good Company? Victory Tax Lawyers has received an exemplary 5/5 stars with 125 reviews — this seems to indicate that customers are very satisfied with their services. Victory Tax Lawyers is unique because it is organized as a law firm rather than a “tax company”. Because they work as lawyers, they claim to “only offer you services that you actually need, rather than trying to get as much money out of you as possible.”
    Is Tax Relief a Good Idea? It can be, though you should evaluate your options first. There are many payment plans that are available through the IRS for free. You should check out those first. When your tax debt feels unmanageable, or the issue is beyond your scope of understanding, using a tax relief organization could be a good idea.
    Is there a minimum tax debt to use Victory Tax Relief? To help ensure you don’t lose money on tax relief services, they’ve set a minimum $25,000 tax debt requirement. On their website, VTL claims to seek the satisfaction of every client serviced, and likely do this to avoid situations where their clients lose money.

    Victory Tax Lawyers Reviews

    Victory Tax Relief has received an accumulated 5 out of 5 stars from 125 customers on BestCompany.com. Many reviews praise their honesty, responsiveness, and their thorough knowledge of the industry.

    A large quantity of these customers report that they tried other companies first, only to end up at Victory Tax Lawyers, where they got the help they actually needed.

    Past clients report that things were easy from the first consultation(which is free). Clients have shared that VTL presents a plan on how the tax debt can be resolved, as well as a transparent payment plan for their services.

    *Positive customer feedback repeatedly praises the following company qualities: *Honesty and legitimacy as a company *Consistent expertise *Clear communication *Having a working payment plan currently in place *Very friendly and genuine

    As far as our supply of reviews goes, almost every company absolutely loved Victory Tax Lawyers and their service (they received 5-star reviews from 99% of clients).

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    Victory Tax Lawyers Service

    Victory Tax Lawyers offers a free consultation call, where they determine the customer’s tax situation and discuss possible solutions to the problem. Customers can also discuss potential payment plans and installments. Customers applaud VTL for their transparency and helpfulness on these calls.

    Clients who decide to use VTL are connected to one of VTL’s accredited lawyers. They will work with the IRS and state tax institutions to speak on their behalf and set up a payment plan or other determined solutions.

    Many payment plans can be set up without the help of a tax relief organization. The advantage of using Victory Tax Lawyers is their vast knowledge of tax relief options and connections to national and state agencies.

    Our Recommendation

    Looking for a company to manage your tax debt will affect your overall financial well-being. It’s important to do thorough research to choose if tax relief is right for you, then choosing a reliable and effective tax relief group.

    We have done an analysis of Victory Tax Lawyers, and can recommend them for two main reasons:

    1. Very positive customer reviews about honesty and effectiveness
    2. Their legal status as a law firm

    You can book a free consultation with Victory Tax Lawyers. As with any tax relief organization, it’s important that you look for transparency with their payment plans and processes.

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