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Quick Look at Ideal Tax Solution

Company Overview
  • 4.5 / 5 Star Customer Rating (81% are 5 star)
  • Wide Range of Services
  • Members of the National Association of Tax Professionals and American Bar Association
  • Employs CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Other Specialized Tax Experts
  • Free Consultation
  • Offers Tax Preparation
  • Ideal Tax Solutions is a multifaceted tax relief company based in Santa Ana and serving clients across the US. They utilize a 3-step tax relief process to simplify the process for their clients: consultation, investigation, then resolution. They offer services in tax services in tax resolution, wage garnishment, bank levy, penalty abatement, tax return amends, and a wide variety of other services.

    Is Ideal Tax Solution a Good Company? From our 108 verified reviews, Ideal Tax Solution has received 4.5 out of stars from their customers, a good sign. 81% of these reviews are 5-star, while 12% are 1-star. They are also certified by a couple different national organizations. At the same time, they lack fully transparent pricing on their website, so make sure to gather all the pricing info on your consultation call with them.
    Is Tax Relief a Good Idea? Tax relief can be good for some, but not for everyone. The IRS offers several free payment plan options for those with overdue taxes. We recommend checking these out first. Using a tax relief firm could be good for those whose situations have become unmanageable. They have connections with national and state tax organizations that can potentially help lower tax debt owed.
    Is there a minimum tax debt to use Ideal Tax Solution? Yes. Ideal Tax Solution has a minimum debt requirement of $7,500. This is to help ensure people with lower debt amounts don’t lose money on tax relief.

    Ideal Tax Solution Reviews

    From 108 verified reviews, Ideal Tax Solution has received 4.5/5 stars from its customers. Out of these reviews, 81% were 5-star while 12% were 1-star reviews.

    Positive reviews often highlight:

    • Truthful about what you need to do and outcomes
    • Friendly service
    • Effectively helped tax situation

    The negative reviews discuss:

    • Became unresponsive
    • Didn’t help tax situation
    • Sent lots of spam emails

    Their reviews are positive overall, though it’s important to be aware of the negative reviews as you make your consultation call. It’s always a good idea to gather as much information about pricing and plans as you discuss your situation with them.

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    Ideal Tax Solution Service

    Ideal Tax Solution offers a free exploratory consultation call for those who want to discuss their tax concerns and possible solutions and plans. They have organized the tax relief process into three stages:

    Consultation Call: Here, you will discuss with them your situation. The purpose of the call is to discuss potential solutions, what would be expected of you and pricing plans that they have in place.

    Investigation: The investigation phase is for taking a deep look into your tax history, eligibility, and specific resolution solutions. They organize all of your information and present possible paths you can take. They create a way to access your investigation results online.

    Resolution: During the resolution phase ITS will work with the IRS and other organizations to carry out the plan created in investigation. They offer resolution plans in:

    • Tax Audit Representation
    • Wage Garnishment
    • Bank Levy
    • Penalty Abatement
    • Asset Protection
    • Seizure
    • Installment Agreements and IRS Payment Plan
    • Offer in Compromise
    • Relief for Innocent Spouse
    • Currently Non Collectible Status
    • Tax Lien Subordination
    • Trust Fund Penalty Defense
    • Amending Tax Return

    The wide variety of services ITS offers is good for those with specific issues. To find out how they can help you, you can give them a free consultation call.

    Our Recommendation

    Creating an effective tax relief plan is vital for your monetary wellbeing. While tax relief firms can be good for some, we recommend checking out the free payment plans the IRS offers first.

    Ideal Tax Solution has average customer reviews and many satisfied customers. From our analysis, they seem to be a reliable tax resolution company. Like all tax resolution firms, we recommend making a consultation call and learning everything about their plans and payments before signing up.

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