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Quick Look at Tax Relief USA

Company Overview
  • 4.9 / 5 Star Customer Rating (33 ratings)
  • Licensed Federally (available nationwide)
  • Employs CPAs, Tax Analysts, Accredited Tax Advisors, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Lawyers
  • Free Consultation
  • Con: Difficult to find information about company (hq, leadership, team)
  • 10 Years in Business
  • Tax Network USA is a federally licensed tax relief firm, serving people nationwide for over 10 years. As the employer of CPAs, tax analysts, accredited tax advisors, enrolled agents, and tax lawyers, they boast a versatile toolset to take care of your tax problems.

    They are praised for their responsiveness, effectiveness and hard work by customers. Though we’ve only gathered 33 customer reviews for them, 91% of these are 5 stars. While people seem happy with their services and their licensing is accurate, they neglect to provide specifics about them on their website (their team, company founding, hq).

    We recommend chatting doing an exploratory investigation into your tax situation with Tax Network USA and learning more about the team before deciding to hire them.

    What is Tax Network USA? Tax Network USA is a federally accredited relief firm who specialize in a variety of tax services. They provide CPAs, accredited tax advisors, and tax lawyers to help customers in a wide range of tax issues.
    Is Tax Relief USA a Good Company? While our reviews for them are limited in scope (33 reviews), 91% of these are 5 stars. They are also licensed by the IRS as enrolled agents and to have power of attorney in all 50 states. These are both good signs. At the same time, because of their vagueness about their team and company history, we recommend learning more from them before deciding to use their services.
    Is Tax Relief a Good Idea? While it can help, we advise evaluating alternatives first. The IRS provides various payment plans free of charge for those overburdened by taxes. When your tax situation becomes too complicated to handle or your tax debt is unmanageable, using a tax relief company could be a good idea.
    Where is Tax Network USA Available? Tax Network USA is a federally licensed corporation, so they can work in all 50 states. They are also available to Americans who are outside of the country but are overwhelmed by back-taxes.

    Tax Network USA Reviews

    While the smaller number of reviews limits our info (only 33 reviews), 91% of these were 5-star. Tax Network USA was commended most for their responsiveness, friendliness and commitment to their individual cases.

    Positive customer feedback praises the following company qualities:

    • Effectiveness
    • Knowledgeable in a wide range of matters
    • Great to work with
    • Quick and Efficient

    While the majority of reviews were positive, a couple of the negative reviews say they were slow on their case, but ended up getting the job done.

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    Tax Network USA Service

    Tax Relief USA provides tax resolution, tax preparation, wage garnishment, bank levying, and audit services for their clients.

    The process begins with a free consultation call where they will discuss your individual case and evaluate options for helping you. Like most tax relief firms, we recommend learning as much as you can about them on this call, making sure they are transparent with their payments, employees and timelines.

    Depending on the service you need, you will be connected with a CPA, accredited tax advisor, tax lawyer, or tax analyst to organize and prepare your case. They can prepare your taxes, set up payment plans, speak on your behalf to the IRS, and help you build a strategy to take care of your other tax debts.

    Some of these services can be done independently, so do your research before deciding to use tax relief. The advantage of using a tax firm is their thorough knowledge of the industry and their connections to state and federal tax organizations to plead on your behalf.

    Our Recommendation

    Dealing with tax debt and other tax problems correctly is vital to your financial health. It’s important to do thorough research to choose if tax relief is right for you, then choose a reliable and effective tax relief group.

    Our customer reviews rate Tax Network USA highly for three main reasons:

    • Responsiveness
    • Friendliness
    • Effectiveness

    91% of customer reviews were 5-stars (out of 33 reviews). They are also licensed by the IRS as enrolled agents and to have power of attorney in all 50 states. These are both good signs. However, because of their vagueness about the company on their website and the smaller number of reviews, we recommend being cautiously optimistic about Tax Network USA.

    You can give them a free consultation call, where you can ask them about their payment, team and timelines to learn more about them.

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