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Quick Look at Tax Hardship Center

Company Overview
  • 4.9 / 5 Star Customer Rating (94 valid customer reviews)
  • Focus on Listening-centered Customer Service
  • Accredited by Multiple National Organizations
  • A Wide Variety of Services
  • Also Helps with Tax Prep, Accounting, etc.
  • From Our Information, High Rates of Success
  • Founded in 2012, Tax Hardship Center is a tax relief company that offers a wide variety of tax relief services and specializes in preventing forced payment collection from the IRS. They are praised by customers for their effectiveness as well as their excellent customer service.

    Some of the services they offer include helping with delinquent taxes, back taxes, unfiled taxes, tax penalties, wage garnishments, tax liens, and IRS tax levies. We recommend that customers use their free consultation to compare their pricing as well as see how Tax Hardship Center can help with their tax problems.

    Is Tax Hardship Center a real Company? Tax Hardship Center is accredited by multiple national organizations, including the National Association of Enrolled Agents, the National Directory of Tax Professionals, the California Society of Enrolled Agents, and the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. In addition, Tax Hardship Center has received 4.9/5 stars from 94 verified customer reviews.

    While this seems to indicate that they are a reliable company, they also seem to have a lack of variety in their experts. From our info, most employees hold the role of “enrolled agent”.

    Is Tax Relief a Good Idea? While tax relief can be good for some, it's important to assess your options first. The IRS has payment plans and other options in place to take care of overdue or misfiled taxes. We recommend taking a look at those first. For those whose situation has become unmanageable, using a tax relief company could be a good idea.
    What does Tax Hardship Center mean by “compassion-focused” tax relief? Tax Hardship Center states that they motivate their employees to focus on listening to its customers, who they know are already having a tough time with financial burdens. This is reflected in our reviews, many of which praise Tax Hardship Center for their understanding attitude.

    Tax Hardship Center Reviews

    Tax Hardship Center has received an accumulated 4.9/5 star reviews from 94 reviews. 96% of customers left 5-star reviews. The majority of their 5-star reviews focus on a few company qualities:
    • Efficiency - customers often express satisfaction in how quickly they were able to resolve their tax issues.
    • Customer service - customers often talk about how well they listened and how they helped them understand the issues and plan more clearly
    • Reliability - customers often vouch for them being a real and professional organization

    We have collected only 3 negative reviews, where individual customers express dissatisfaction with their service, feeling like their tax issues weren’t solved. Tax Hardship Center responded to all three of these with apologies and more detailed explanations.

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    Tax Hardship Center Service

    Tax Hardship offers help with delinquent taxes, back taxes, unfiled taxes, tax penalties, wage garnishments, tax liens, and IRS tax levies. If you don’t see your tax-related issue there (or if you do), feel free to book a free consultation to see how they can help you.

    While they do offer a number of services, their LinkedIn suggests there is a limited variety of roles at the firm. Most of their tax professionals hold the title of “enrolled agent”. While these agents can help, we recommend making sure the company has specialization and experience in your exact issue.

    Upon calling Tax Hardship Center, they will talk you through your individual tax situation. This consultation is held for the purpose of helping customers understand possible plans and pricing for THC services. Those who choose to go with Tax Hardship Center will be connected with an enrolled agent to work through their individual case.

    Our Recommendation

    It is vital to your financial health to choose the correct tax relief plan for your tax situations. While we recommend checking out IRS payment plans first, we understand that sometimes a tax relief firm is needed to help alleviate the overwhelming burden of overdue taxes.

    Tax Hardship Center is well-liked by most of its customers and accredited by multiple national organizations. At the same time, they lack a variety of job roles, showing that they may not be as versatile as other firms. We recommend that you give them a consultation call and see how they can help you with your individual tax situation.

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