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Quick Look at StopIRSDebt.com

Company Overview
  • 3.9 / 5 Star Customer Rating (out of verified 204 reviews)
  • Minimum $5000 Debt Requirement
  • Available Nationwide
  • Focus on Resolving Tax Liability Matters
  • Has an Interactive Software Interface, CRM 5.0
  • 20 Years of Experience
  • Founded in 2001, StopIRSDebt.com is a nationwide tax resolution firm that offers a variety of tax-related services and focuses on resolving tax liability matters with the IRS. They help with issues revolving around tax relief, tax return filing, offshore banking, IRS bank levies, IRS patent plans, offers in compromise, and installment agreements. To help streamline customer experience, they have computerized their payment services with a software interface, CRM 5.0.

    While 62% of their reviews are 5-star, be aware that 23% of our reviews for them are 1-star. The positive reviews praise them for their attentiveness and involvement in their individual cases. The negative customer reviews generally claim that StopIRSDebt.com received their money without effectively taking care of their outstanding IRS debt.

    Is StopIRSDebt.com a Good Company? StopIRSDebt.com has successfully helped many clients, and 63% of our reviews for them are 5-star. However, the high percentage of 1-star reviews (23%) is a red flag for this company. Many of these reviews allegate that StopIRSDebt.com received their payments and never helped them resolve their tax issues. While this isn’t the case for all clients, its important to be aware of these negative experiences. You can check out our top rated companies here.
    Is Tax Relief a Good Idea? Many services that tax relief firms offer are available through the IRS for free. We advise you to take a look at what you can do to resolve your issues with the IRS before enlisting with a tax relief firm. When your situation becomes unmanageable or overwhelming, it could be a good idea to use a tax relief firm.
    Where is StopIRSDebt.com Available? StopIRSDebt.com is available to work with clients across the United States.
    Is there a minimum tax debt to use StopIRSDebt.com? StopIRSDebt.com has a minimum tax debt requirement of $5000. While this is a low minimum debt requirement compared to our top rated firms, it still helps protect people from losing money using tax relief (lower tax debt increases likelihood of losing money with tax relief companies).

    StopIRSDebt.com Reviews

    StopIRSDebt.com has received an accumulated 3.9 out of 5 stars from 206 of our verified customer reviews. 63% percent of these reviews are 5-star, praising StopIRSDebt.com for successfully assisting them with their tax situation. It’s important to note that 23% of these reviews were 1-star reviews, indicating dissatisfied customers.

    Positive reviews generally commend them for:

    • Great Communication - Sending email & text reminders to help clients achieve deadlines.
    • Made it Easy - sent any paperwork to the client that they needed to fill out, and everything else was taken care of well.
    • Success - saved clients from their tax debt.

    In negative customer reviews, clients have said:

    • StopIRSDebt.com kept increasing their costs; extra fees kept popping up.
    • They could have resolved their issues with the IRS directly.
    • StopIRSDebt.com took their money and didn’t help them solve their issues with the IRS.

    Overall, StopIRSDebt.com has had success with many clients. However, it’s important to be aware of the high volume of negative reviews as well.

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    StopIRSDebt.com Service

    StopIRSDebt.com provides a wide array of tax-related services. Their two biggest services are:
    • Tax relief - After a consultation call with StopIRSDebt.com, they can help clients understand the issue at hand and make a plan with them to settle with the IRS and get their tax debt paid back. Understand that the IRS offers a variety of tax payment plans for free, so check those out before deciding to use tax relief. The advantage of using a tax relief firm is their relationship with the IRS. They have the ability to plead your case with the IRS, and possibly get owed taxes lower.
    • Tax return filing - For clients who are confused about tax returns or just don’t have time, they offer services for filing their yearly tax returns.

    Other Services they offer include:

    • End wage garnishment
    • Bank levy removal
    • IRS payment plans
    • IRS tax lien/Federal tax lien lift
    • IRS bank levy/Federal tax levy lift
    • State and Federal IRS tax debt
    • Offshore banking
    • Innocent spouse relief
    • Offer in Compromise
    • Installment Agreement

    StopIRSDebt.com is very versatile in the services offered. This could be good for clients who have very specific needs.

    Our Recommendation

    Finding the right approach to resolving your tax difficulties is very important for your financial health. Before deciding to go with a tax relief service, we recommend checking out the IRS’s free payment plans. Choosing an effective and reliable tax firm is important for clients who decide to go this route.

    After an analysis of StopIRSDebt.com’s reviews and company, we recommend that clients be careful if they decide to move forward with their services. While they have had a good number of positive reviews (63% of 206), they’ve had a higher than normal number of negative reviews (23% of 206).

    They are an experienced tax resolution firm, with services in a wide range of areas. Many clients have found success with their services, while some have lost money with them. To look further, you can check out our top rated tax relief firms at toptaxreliefcompanies.com.

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