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Quick Look at Alleviate Tax

Company Overview
  • 4.9 / 5 Star Customer Rating (91% are 5 star)
  • Accredited Tax Relief Company
  • Members of the National Association of Tax Professionals and NA of Enrolled Agents
  • Specific 3-Step Tax Resolution System
  • Free Discovery Call
  • Flat Fee Pricing
  • Alleviate Tax is a multifaceted tax relief company based in Irvine, California and founded in 2018. They can assist in a wide range of tax concerns, including (but not limited to) tax relief, penalty abatement, offer-in-compromise, wage garnishment removal, bank levy release, installment agreements, and can serve as California-based tax attorneys.

    From the 75 verified customer reviews we’ve collected, they’ve earned 4.9/5 stars (91% of customers rating them 5-star). Customers praise Alleviate Tax for their very friendly attitude and effective tax relief services.

    Is Alleviate Tax a Good Company? Alleviate tax has earned an exceptional 4.9/5 stars from our 75 verified customer reviews. They are also accredited by the BBB and part of multiple nationwide tax associations (NA of Tax Professionals and NA of Enrolled Agents). As well, there are a wide array (over 20) of experienced professionals working for them (listed on LinkedIn). While 75 ratings isn’t a lot of data, these reviews, along with their accreditations and their wide array of employees, are good signs.
    Is Tax Relief a Good Idea? While it's not for everyone, tax relief could be a good idea for those whose tax situation has become unmanageable. There are free payment plans available through the IRS that we advise you take a look at first. Tax Relief firms are often used when one can’t make these payments, and want to try to lower their owed taxes.
    Is there a minimum tax debt to use Alleviate Tax? There is no minimum tax debt listed on their website. Be aware that clients with lower tax debt amounts (under $10 - $20k) are less likely to receive a return on investment with tax relief companies.

    Alleviate Tax Reviews

    From our 75 verified customer reviews, Alleviate Tax has earned 4.9/5 stars. 91% of these are 5-star, 7% are 4-star, and there are 2 reviews with under 3 stars. Though we have a more limited supply of reviews for Alleviate Tax, this is a good sign that most customers are satisfied with their services.

    Positive reviews often highlight:

    • Friendly and understanding attitude
    • Clear about the plan to solve the issue
    • Work with you for pricing and payment
    • Effectively solved the problem

    The single 1-star review we have for Alleviate Tax states they were friendly but failed to effectively help the customer with their tax burden.

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    Alleviate Tax Service

    Alleviate Tax offers a free exploratory consultation call for those who want to discuss their tax concerns and possible solutions and plans. They offer services in a wide assortment of tax issues, including:

    • Tax Relief Services - This is working directly with the IRS, aiming to lower tax liability and set up payment plans. Part of these services are directly offered through the IRS, so check those out first. The advantage of using a tax relief firm is their already established relationship with IRS organizations and their understanding of the loops in the tax industry.
    • Penalty Abatement - the aim of penalty abatement is to lower or remove the penalties instigated by the IRS for late taxes
    • Wage Garnishment Removal - This is to lower the amount of overdue taxes that the IRS is collecting directly from clients’ wages as punishment. The goal is to set up an approved installment plan.
    • Offer-in-compromise - While this has a low success rate, offer-in-compromises aim to eliminate tax debt for those who have significantly high due taxes.
    • Bank Levy Release - A Bank Levy release is for those who are under threat of having their assets seized by the IRS. Tax relief firms like Alleviate Tax may be able to negotiate with the IRS to remove the tax levy and set up an installment plan.

    Other things Alleviate Tax can help with include:

    • Installment Agreements
    • Tax Resolution Assistance
    • Delinquent Tax Return Filings
    • California Tax Attorney
    • Innocent Spouse Relief
    • Non-collectables & Statute of Limitations

    Alleviate Tax is able to offer this wide range of services because of the variety of professionals they employ. In their free consultation call, you can discover what kind of plans they can potentially set up with you.

    Our Recommendation

    Creating an effective tax relief plan is vital for your financial health. For those looking to resolve their tax concerns, we recommend checking out the free plans that the IRS offers first. When those plans don’t seem feasible, using a tax relief firm could be a good idea.

    We recommend Alleviate Tax because of their positive customer reviews, business accreditations, and the high count of specialized professionals they employ. While these are all good signs, like all tax relief firms, we advise giving them a free consultation call and learning everything you can about their payments and plans before signing up.

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